Piñatex is made to be a substitute to leather. It is created by felting the long fibres from pineapple leaves together, and adding PLA (polylactic acid), a vegetable-based plastic material derived from cornstarch make up a base material of 80% pineapple leaf fibre and 20% PLA. But then the material is coated with a petroleum-based resin. So Piñatex is not biodegradable, in other words not environmental friendly. While it is a good initiative to make new plant based materials, the fact that it is then covered in plastics makes it a bad choice.

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Banned materials are those that we strongly recommend to discontinue for use in clothing production due to their negative environmental or health impacts. These materials may be highly toxic or non-biodegradable, and may pose a risk to the environment and to workers.
*┬áThe Bergstrand Material Guide Ranking is only a guide. Our consultants can help with accurate assessments of your brandÔÇÖs use of materials.
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Ananas Anam

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