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A sustainability department that scales with your brand.

Bergstrand Consultancy’s mission is to support your team progress towards your sustainability goals.

Our approach is to deeply understand the values of your brand, your stakeholders, and your customers, and to create impactful sustainability strategies that reduce the impact of your business.

Our passionate team has the knowledge, skills and experience to also execute on strategies.

We want all brands to be as sustainable as possible, and we can tailor packages to suit brands of any size.

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Sustainability Strategy for Fashion and Textile

Every company needs to have a clear strategy on how to minimise their negative impacts.

Bergstrand Consultancy helps brands define their sustainability strategy in line with their company values.

We create strategies and set clear supplier requirements. Our scope covers working conditions, environmental requirements, chemical usage, animal welfare and packaging guidelines.

A sustainability consultant inspects a jacket

Fashion Design for Circular Economy

As a part of the EU Green Deal, the European Union (EU) has set a target to become a circular economy by 2050. In fashion, that change from linear to circular has to start at the idea and design stage.

Bergstrand Consultancy facilitates new design mindsets for fashion. We help designers and product developers transition their skills towards circular fashion design.

Our workshops and education programmes help companies adopt circular economy principles. From design, to materials and trims, packaging, zero-waste production, up-cycling, longevity and end of life.

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A pair of hands outlines a clothing pattern with a pencil

Circular Fashion Design Workshops

The shift from a linear to a circular economy in fashion has to start at the design stage. We hold workshops for design and product developers on Design for the Circular Economy with hands-on, practical sessions that make it energising to apply circular design principles to the design process.

2 hour talk, or half-day / FULL DAY workshops


Reducing Impact from Fashion Production

The majority of the emissions from fashion companies occur at the production stage. In order to lower emissions, we need to know where in the supply chain they occur.

Bergstrand Consultancy helps fashion companies create viable options and strategies to reduce negative environmental and social impacts in their supply chains.

We can also lead or assist with the work to collect data in order to calculate the company’s emissions.

An abstract photograph of an ice sheet melting

Sustainable Supply Chain Optimisation

Bergstand Consultancy helps to improve existing supply chains and creates frameworks to increase traceability.

We work with our extensive network of farmers, producers and manufacturers to create supply chains that benefit the people, the planet and the final product. From raw materials to assembly, packaging and trims.

We work with all materials and can best advise which are ‚Äėpreferred' or ‚Äėdiscouraged‚Äô from an environmental, social and animal welfare perspective.

A woman and a man inspect a jersey knitting machine in a clean factory

Ethical and Regenerative Wool Specialist

Wool is a wonderful material that is versatile, renewable and natural. Wool usually gets a poor environmental score when companies start calculating the environmental impact of the materials they use.

Bergstrand Consultancy can improve your company’s wool footprint. We work with a network of growers from Australia and New Zealand to Europe that practice regenerative farming and value animal welfare. We work with all types of wool, from super-fine merino to coarser wool considered to be a by-product.

Bergstrand Consultancy helps companies build traceable and local wool supply chains. From farm to finished product, with the lowest possible environmental impact.

A field of recently sheared Merino sheep roaming a farm in rural New South Wales. Shot by Lisa Bergstrand.

Regenerative Wool Workshops

Wool is a wonderful material that is natural, renewable and versatile. But much of the wool produced in the world is being thrown away. How can we use local wool that is considered a by-product?
Lisa Bergstrand talks about her journey with A NEW SWEDEN, a brand that makes clothing in Sweden from Swedish wool and shares her expertise on different European wool types and what they can become
She shares her expertise on different wool types and what they can become..

2 hour talk, or half-day workshop


Animal Welfare in Fashion

Conscientious customers demand clothes and accessories made without any animal suffering.

Bergstrand Consultancy advises on animal welfare, specialising in wool, down and feathers. We are constantly up to date on which certifications are most effective, and advise on best practices.

We cover mulesing, live-plucking, fur, leathers, silk, mohair, Angora, cashmere, alpaca, and more.

A happy woman carefully and respectfully shearing the fleece off a sheep in an airy barn

About Bergstrand Consultancy

The mission of Bergstrand Consultancy is to make the fashion industry sustainable without compromising on beauty or creativity. 

Bergstrand Consultancy was founded by Lisa Bergstrand in 2017 to help industry leaders advance on their sustainability journey with missions including sustainability strategy, design for circular economy, impact reduction, supply chain optimisation, legal and regulatory compliance, working conditions in textile factories, ethical wool usage and animal welfare practices.

Sustainability consultant Lisa Bergstrand folds her arms while looking at the camera
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After almost twenty years in the industry, I often feel like I have seen it all. But I never stop being amazed over the people and companies I meet, and the dedication to a more sustainable and inclusive fashion industry.
‚ÄĒ lisa bergstrand, founder

Selected clients and previous engagements

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Our team

Lisa Bergstrand

Sustainability specialist and founder

Lisa has worked almost twenty years in the fashion industry, for big luxury houses, premium brands and small start ups.

She has studied textile materials, pattern making, fashion design, as well as environmental studies, sustainable development and CSR. She has visited factories all over the world, gained expansive knowledge of the complex industry and built a strong global network.

Her goal is to make the industry better, both for the environment and the people working in the supply chain.

Lisa Bergstrand is also the founder of A NEW SWEDEN, a clothing company founded on circular principles.


A happy woman carefully and respectfully shearing the fleece off a sheep in an airy barn

Katarina Wallin

Sustainability expert, footwear specialist

Katarina is an expert in development and sourcing of premium and active footwear.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, she has guided her clients with a focus on sustainable practices.

Her expertise encompasses the entire value chain from fiber and raw material sourcing, calculating the finished greenhouse gas emissions and creating a responsible end of life plan.

She has worked with leading brands such as ON running, Vagabond and Tretorn, and spent many years working on production sites globally.


A happy woman carefully and respectfully shearing the fleece off a sheep in an airy barn

Elizabeth Myers

Circularity, Materials and Compliance Specialist

Elizabeth’s career in fashion started in Paris and then New York, working in retail buying for a major luxury department store, in both men’s and women’s clothing.

She has also worked with circularity and material management in the fashion industry, considering design and raw material extraction in managing end-of-life. Through her passion to change the fashion industry, she is well versed in the many upcoming regulations in the EU and the U.S. coming for fashion brands, from anti-waste, repairability, digital product passport, supply chain due diligence, greenwashing, and more.

In addition to her work to consult brands, she is building a circular tool for brands and consumers to move towards a less wasteful industry.


A happy woman carefully and respectfully shearing the fleece off a sheep in an airy barn

Lucianne Tonti

Journalist and Copywriter

Lucianne Tonti is a sustainable fashion journalist and an expert in regenerative fashion systems. She is the fashion editor of The Saturday Paper and a regular contributor to The Guardian where she writes the weekly series Closet Clinic. Her first book Sundressed: Natural Fibres and the Future of Fashion was published by Black Inc in 2022.

A happy woman carefully and respectfully shearing the fleece off a sheep in an airy barn

Every brand is at a different stage of their journey towards sustainability. From first steps to bold ambitions, we can help.

Tailored sustainability consulting.

Over ten years of experience working for renowned maisons and upcoming brands.
Developing sustainability strategies, design consulting, teaching, workshops and more.

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