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Your on-demand sustainability team

Bergstrand Consultancy’s mission is to move the entire fashion and textile industry towards a sustainable future.

Our goal is for all brands to transition from unintentionally causing harm to proactively doing good.

Our approach is to understand the values of your brand, your stakeholders, and your customers to create actions proven to minimise the impact of your business.

To achieve this, we tailor our proposals for brands of all sizes, so every brand can be as sustainable as possible.

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A selection of our services

Sustainability Strategy

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is to understand the multitude of areas that affect your business, what risks are involved, and to set a plan for how to move forward. We develop sustainability strategies for brands that consider futures knowable and unpredictable.

Materials and Treatments Guidance

Tap into our team’s decades of expertise to select materials with minimum environmental, social and animal welfare impacts across the entire value chain. Our knowledge extends to material treatments and best available alternatives.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Bergstand Consultancy helps improve existing value chains and can create frameworks to increase traceability. From raw materials to assembly, packaging and trims.

Training and Workshop Facilitation

To keep your teams at the forefront of sustainability knowledge and practices, Bergstrand Consultancy offers engaging trainings and workshops to supercharge your team’s capabilities across the entire product development and value chains.

Impact Reduction

Bergstrand Consultancy creates viable options and strategies to reduce negative environmental and social impacts in your value chains. We lead or assist with data collection and suggest suitable platforms in order to calculate your brand’s CO2-emissions.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Our in-depth knowledge of incoming regulations, as well as existing laws for fashion and textile companies helps our clients stay ahead of legal and consumer demands. We assist our clients in ensuring their businesses are prepared for the future.

Certification Advisory

High-value customers rely on trusted certifications to guide their purchases. Our team has deep expertise in the company, material and factory certifications that customers care about. We advise on what best suits your company and can help with the certification process.

Nature and Biodiversity Audit

Our teams support in mapping out biodiversity risks in value chains, as well as consulting on how to mitigate these risks. We advise on best practice for land-use, water-use and other biodiversity factors in the value chain.

Circular Economy Transition

The EU will be a circular economy latest by 2050. Brands that wish to sell products in EU must focus on transitioning according to regulations from design to end-of-life. Bergstrand Consultancy helps with every step of the transition, from product design, to materials and trims, packaging, zero-waste production, up-cycling strategies, longevity and end of life solutions.

Regenerative and Ethical Wool Transition

Bergstrand Consultancy helps companies build traceable and local wool supply chains. From farm to finished product, with the lowest possible environmental impact. We work with a network of wool-growers from Australia and New Zealand to Europe that practice regenerative farming and value animal welfare.


We guide companies on chemical compliance, help map out risks of hazardous chemicals in their collections and suggest what should be sent for chemical testing.
Working with Bergstrand Consultancy has been incredibly valuable in every way. The expertise that they possesses is invaluable, and they have given us so much knowledge in a short amount of time.
Ingrid Eurenius, Head of production

Meet your team

Lisa Bergstrand


specialised in

Lisa has worked in fashion for over twenty years across the luxury and premium segments.

Lisa founded Bergstrand Consultancy to bring her experience in textiles, pattern making, design, environmental studies, sustainable development and CSR to move the industry she loves towards positive change.

Portrait of a woman

Linda Finell


specialised in

Circularity, certifications and compliance

Linda brings extensive experience in production, product development, marketing, and sales.

During her fieldwork in Accra, Ghana, Linda gained insights into global second-hand clothing which led her to focus on  end-of-life management, certifications, and compliance.

Linda holds a BA from Lund University in Fashion Studies and a MSc from the Swedish School of Textiles in Fashion Marketing & Management.

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Ebba Blomberg


specialised in

Social impact, human rights, business strategy

Ebba’s expertise in business strategy and social impact assessment, coupled with her research on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in textiles, reflects her commitment to fostering a more ethical and responsible fashion industry.

An active member of Fashion Revolution Sweden since 2021, Ebba has held the position of treasurer since 2022.

Ebba has a BSc in Service Management from Lund University and an MSc in Management of Creative Business Processes from Copenhagen Business School.

Portrait of a woman

Lucianne Tonti

Journalist and Copywriter

specialised in


Lucianne is a sustainable fashion journalist and an expert in regenerative fashion systems.

She is the fashion editor of The Saturday Paper and a regular contributor to The Guardian where she writes the weekly series Closet Clinic. Her first book Sundressed: Natural Fibres and the Future of Fashion was published by Black Inc in 2022.

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A sustainability consultant inspects a jacket

Sustainability strategy for fashion and textile

Every organisation needs a clear, actionable strategy to minimise negative impacts.

The team at Bergstrand Consultancy can help define your sustainability strategy in line with your brand values and commercial goals.

The strategies we produce include defining guidelines for suppliers, working conditions, environmental requirements, chemical usage, animal welfare, packaging guidelines, and many more.

Facilitating the transition to circular principles

The European Union, California and New York have set targets to become circular economies. For a brand to sell in any of these markets beyond the implementation dates, there must be a plan for end of life.

In fashion, the change from linear to circular has to start at the idea and design stage.

Our workshops and education programmes can help your teams adopt circular economy principles without compromising on your creative vision.

From product design, to materials and trims, packaging, zero-waste production, up-cycling strategies, longevity and end of life solutions.

A sustainability consultant inspects a jacket
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Reducing impact from fashion and textile production

The majority of emissions from fashion and textile occur at the production phase. To lower emissions, we need to know where in the supply chain they occur.

Bergstrand Consultancy can help create viable options and strategies to reduce negative environmental and social impacts in your supply chains.

We can also lead or assist with data collection to calculate your brand’s emissions.

Sustainable supply chain optimisation

Bergstand Consultancy helps to improve existing supply chains and creates frameworks to increase traceability.

We collaborate with our extensive network of farmers, producers and manufacturers to create supply chains that benefit people, planet and final product.

From raw materials to assembly, packaging and trims.

We work with all materials and can best advise which are ‘preferred' or ‘discouraged’ from an environmental, social and animal welfare perspective.

see our material guide →
A sustainability consultant inspects a jacket
A sustainability consultant inspects a jacket

Compliance with European Green Deal, laws and regulations

The clothing supply chain is long and complex. Bergstrand Consultancy stays up to date with the latest laws and regulations that affect the textile industry.

We advise on how to prepare for the coming laws, such as the Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles and the Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation, as well as how to follow the best industry practice.

Transitioning to ethical and regenerative wool supply chains

While wool is versatile, renewable and natural, it can rank poorly when the environmental impact is calculated.

Bergstrand Consultancy is a leader in reducing the footprint related to wool. We work with a network of growers from Australia, New Zealand and Europe that practice regenerative farming and value animal welfare. We work with all types of wool, from super-fine merino to coarser wool considered to be a by-product.

Bergstrand Consultancy helps companies build traceable and local wool supply chains. From farm to finished product, with the lowest possible environmental impact.

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A sustainability consultant inspects a jacket

Defining and certifying animal welfare in value chain

Conscientious customers demand clothes and accessories made without any animal suffering.

Bergstrand Consultancy advises on animal welfare, specialising in wool, down and feathers. We are constantly up to date on which certifications are most effective, and advise on best practices.

We cover mulesing, live-plucking, fur, leathers, silk, mohair, Angora, cashmere, alpaca, and more.

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A sustainability consultant inspects a jacket

About Bergstrand Consultancy

Bergstrand Consultancy was founded by Lisa Bergstrand in 2017 to help industry leaders advance on their sustainability journey with missions including sustainability strategy, design for circular economy, impact reduction, supply chain optimisation, legal and regulatory compliance, working conditions in textile factories, ethical wool usage and animal welfare practices.


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