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Elastane is the same as Spandex or Lycra (they are brand names), a synthetic fiber with great elasticity. The textile fibre is composed of a long chain polymer known as polyurethane, also known in more technical terms as polyether-polyurea copolymer. As other plastic materials, many toxic chemicals are used in the production of elastane. These chemicals that are considered dangerous to human and the environment and can cause cancer. Elastane is not biodegradable and there is no way or recycling garments made of the very common mix of natural materials and elastane.

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Discouraged materials may be made from synthetic or non-renewable resources, and may be produced using methods that have a high environmental impact. While these materials may be less expensive or easier to work with than other options, they may not be the most sustainable or ethical choices for clothing production.
* The Bergstrand Material Guide Ranking is only a guide. Our consultants can help with accurate assessments of your brand’s use of materials.
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