Down and Feathers

Down and feathers comes from birds and are most used as filling and padding to make warm garments. When selecting down and feathers make sure they don’t come from live-plucked birds, but solely from birds that have been bread for the meet industry. It is important to choose either recycled or certified down and feathers, make sure the material don’t come from force-fed or live-plucked birds. Reliable certifications are RDS- Responsible Down Standard or Traceable Down Standard (TDS). Recycled down and feathers is the most environmental and animal friendly choice.

bergstrand material GUIDE ranking*

Certified and recycled down and feather is considered approved.


Approved materials may be less expensive than preferred materials, but may not be as ethical or sustainable in their production. While approved materials are not considered the best option, they may be used in clothing production as long as certain standards and guidelines are followed.
* The Bergstrand Material Guide Ranking is only a guide. Our consultants can help with accurate assessments of your brand’s use of materials.
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Nico Frey

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Down and Feathers

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